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To provide a location to learn and share information regarding care and development of our special needs children and young adults. We want to use our facility and website to provide information and various events that will be helpful to our special needs members.

Our commitment as a church

Our church is welcoming to special needs families. We provide caretaking for special needs children at our services and events. We are making our facility and staff resources available to special needs families for meetings and events as part of this ministry.



This section highlights events and organizations that we feel might be of use to you. Check back often to see what's available and what is coming up in the area.
July 12, 2019

Behavioral Innovations

No matter where your child is on the autism spectrum, we provide the learning environment they need!
June 19, 2019

True Knight Academy

Charlene Turner and Diana Floris met in 2011 in Sugar Land, Texas. Both having children with disabilities, they shared a mutual desire to start a school for students with special needs -- a school that would provide a year round education, enhanced by brain-based science.
April 15, 2019
Reactor Room photo

Autism ‘Shark Tank’ Reactor Room opens doors for talented Houstonians with disability

Welcome to the Reactor Room. As on ABC’s “Shark Tank,” in which budding entrepreneurs peddle ideas to titans of industry to invest and bring a plan to market, an autistic adult, called a “Reactor,” shares his or her passions with “Activators.” Those passions involve working with others, an idea for a business or an invention. In turn, the Activators, a panel of entrepreneurs, business leaders and social innovators, share connections and ideas to help the participant find not just a job but a meaningful career.

We love our special needs members!