Many of our Steering Committee members have requested that we research and publish a list of available and vetted sitters to sit with special needs children. Research has resulted in finding this organization that provides sitters.

Spectrum Fusion

Spectrum Fusion is an organization that provides support and opportunity for young adults on the autism spectrum. It is the goal of Spectrum Fusion to help clients find meaningful employment.
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We Rock the Spectrum

Our goal is to continue the mission of We Rock the Spectrum of providing a place for children of all abilities and levels to play and grow together.
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Hope for Three

Hope For Three was inspired by the plight of an amazing mother and father in Fort Bend County who experienced the triple pleasure and heartbreak of having identical triplets all diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).
Hope for Three

ARC of Ft. Bend

The Arc of Fort Bend County ensures opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to maximize their quality of life within our community.
The Arc of Fort Bend

HEART Program

H.E.A.R.T. program is an initiative to help adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities rejoin the workforce.
H.E.A.R.T Program

Alliance Theatre

Alliance Theatre is a non-profit theatre that seeks to provide a platform for artists with disabilities.
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Hauser Clinic & Associates

Melissa Mungle - Office Manager
Hauser Clinic



Speech and Learning



HCC - Vast

VAST Academy provides post-secondary transition programs and comprehensive support services, which lead to meaningful credentials, employment and independence for differently-abled individuals.

The Crossroads School

Crossroads students are healthy, bright children who are unable to thrive in a traditional academic setting, either socially or academically.
Crossroads School

Parrish School

The Parrish School features a highly collaborative environment among our instructional staff, therapists and administrators. Through our fully-integrated approach to education, specialists at The Parish School and The Carruth Center work together to create a plan that helps children participate across all environments.
The Parrish School

Sharp Minds Academy

Sharp Minds Academy is the latest and most prominent choice for children with learning differences. Sharp Minds Academy is a top-notch educational center that mirrors Fort Bend ISD’s mission of fostering an enrichment program for pre-school aged students, preschool aged students on the spectrum and an after school program for students on the spectrum.

Our core subject areas include STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) activities, homework assistance, and Thinking Cap programs.
Sharp Minds Academy

The Joy School

The Joy School was founded in 1997 by a team of educators, related professionals, and parents who recognized an underserved need in Houston: children with learning differences and disabilities who frequently fell through the cracks because of a lack of services and understanding in the public sector.
The Joy School

The Monarch School

The Monarch School and Institute is globally recognized and dedicated to providing an innovative, therapeutic education for individuals with neurological differences in an environment that supports self-determination and empowerment in the greater community.
The Monarch School

The Westview School

The school for high-functioning children with autism spectrum disorder.

Westview is unique in that it is the only school in the greater Houston area - and the country - that specifically serves high-functioning children with autism spectrum disorder.

Westview’s challenging, well-rounded curriculum includes a full range of academic programs and a strong emphasis on social communication and social skills. We offer opportunities to pursue the arts, extra-curricular activities and real-world experiences. The enhancement of self-esteem and the development of appropriate behavior allow our students to become successful members of the community.
The Westview School